Our Vision

The CHAPS believe that horses and the disappearing natural world in which they thrive are necessary for healthy communities. Historically, horses have been essential to life in the United States for transportation, work, recreation, and encouraging connections to nature. In San Mateo County, examples of this heritage can be found at Folger Stable, The Woodside Store and Jack Brook Horse Camp. The CHAPS seek to recognize the continuing contribution of the horse by supporting the development and maintenance of equestrian facilities and activities in the County.

All Weather Trails Phase II

finished trailThis project focused on the Bear Gulch Trail and was completed in the fall of 2012.  It opened up the upper loop in the Park which continued from the Loop Trail, to Redwood Flat, and then to the Meadows. The Redwood Trail from Redwood Flat to Salamander Flat was left in its natural state. 

The trails were allowed to settle in for the winter of 2012/2013, and were then reopened for year around riding.  The total length is 1.44 miles, Project Cost: $27,470.

The all-weather trails project was done in two phases. The first phase was spearheaded by the Mounted Patrol Foundation, with phase II relying on a partnership of the Mounted Patrol Foundation and CHAPS. The San Mateo County Department of Parks has been closely involved in both phases.

Over the last three years, the equestrian community and the Parks Department have donated over $100,000 to support construction of 5.5 miles in Huddart Park and 1.37 miles in Wunderlich.

Phase 1 was completed in May 2011. The 1.37 miles in this phase were completed thanks to the generosity of the equestrian community who donated $18,450. The trails have compacted over the summer and were open this winter. This created several Lower Loops: - Bear Gulch Trail, from the Barn to the Loop Trail and on up to the Madrone Trail - Alambique Trail – Barn to Loop Trail.

In these projects, the County was able to contribute “in-kind” services for hauling and purchase of the base rock. We were hoping to finish phase 2 in Wunderlich in June. However the county budget had been drastically cut and we needed to raise additional funds to complete phase 2 in Wunderlich and fulfill the dream.

Now in winter, during the rainy days and sunny days, equestrians, pedestrians and runners can enjoy the beautiful smooth footing of the new All-Weather Trails in Huddart and Wunderlich Parks. 

Project Partners:

•The Mounted Patrol Foundation

•San Mateo County Department of Parks


Polly Swinerton Memorial Bench

swinerton benchCHAPS funded a memorial bench for Polly Swinerton who "loved all things equine" and Wunderlich County Park.

Polly Swinerton, the "Pony Lady" of Woodside bred hunter ponies at a time when there were none on the West Coast. She owned Mary’s Farm, and breed ponies like those she saw children riding on the East Coast and in England.

She loved Folger Stable and partnered with Pat Holmes, the concessionaire at Folger who produced, showed and sold them. She went on to breed Welsh Cobs with Pat for many years.

CHAPS has funded a bench in her memory overlooking the arena at Folger Stable.





Hitching Rack in Downtown Woodside

CHAPS rackCHAPS funded one of several new metal hitching racks were installed at several places in Woodside including near Woody the Fish, Buck's famous marine buddy.

These racks provide more safe places for riders to tie up their horses.







Tack Trunks for Folger Stable

CHAPS donated three tack trunks in 2012 to San Mateo County to be used by community boarders at Folger Stable in Wunderlich County Park. The trunk presents the Official Folger Stable Logo and is beautifully appointed with brass fittings.