Our Vision

The CHAPS believe that horses and the disappearing natural world in which they thrive are necessary for healthy communities. Historically, horses have been essential to life in the United States for transportation, work, recreation, and encouraging connections to nature. In San Mateo County, examples of this heritage can be found at Folger Stable, The Woodside Store and Jack Brook Horse Camp. The CHAPS seek to recognize the continuing contribution of the horse by supporting the development and maintenance of equestrian facilities and activities in the County.

The Order of St. John, Knights Hospitaller donated $5,000 to CHAPS in support of their War Veterans riding program Horses for Heroes. The donation will be used to enable veterans recovering from combat injuries to benefit from horseback trail rides in the Woodside area, guided by members of the Mounted Patrol. 

Riding and the connection to horses has proven to be of considerable therapeutic value to veterans recovering their mobility and self confidence.



Chevalier Kermit Claytor presented a check for $5,000 on behalf of the Commandery to Holly Nash, Community Horse Advocates Program President, and Don Pugh, San Mateo Mounted Patrol, during a Commandery dinner meeting on March 13.