earsThe CHAPS believe that horses and the disappearing natural world in which they thrive are necessary for healthy communities. Historically, horses have been essential to life in the United States for transportation, work, recreation, and providing every individual a tangible dialogue with nature. The CHAPS seek to recognize the continuing contribution of the horse by developing, and maintaining, equestrian facilities and being the advocate for equestrian activities in San Mateo County.  



birthdayThe CHAPS is a not for profit organization that works in collaboration with the County of San Mateo, Mid Peninsula Regional Open Space, the National Park Service, public agencies and other non-profits to support and promote horse activities in San Mateo County.  This includes:

  • Fundraising to facilitate and promote successful operations, programs, facilities, trail development and improvements for horse related activities.
  • Provision of expertise for managed and safe environments for the public and horses.
  • Creating an environment that educates and reinforces the historic and ongoing contribution of horses for work, recreation, and the human condition.



CHAPS was founded in 2012 by a few passionate people moved to support and preserve horses, their history, the environment, and community in San Mateo County.